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Communication Coach: Own your 2022 big goal

November 30, 2021By
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Goal setting should be uncomplicated. Settle on a meaningful target and go after it. Making it one that rallies a team requires thoughtful discussions and crafting a workable plan. Just remember what Dwight D. Eisenhower said:  “Plans are nothing; planning is everything.”  The plan is the byproduct of what matters most, the critical thinking and decision-making that sets up its... read more

High Performance: Getting back in the game

September 7, 2021By
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Columnist Phil Harwood explains why perfect time to update our strategic plan, clarify goals for next year and develop budgets. read more

High Performance: Accountability starts at the top

January 10, 2019By

As the new year begins, it’s a good time to refocus on our goals for the upcoming year. What do we want to accomplish? What are the big strategic goals? What are the sales goals, production goals and profit goals? What do we want to accomplish in our personal lives this year? Perhaps you worked on your goals for this... read more

High Performance: Get your team back into action

August 29, 2018By

This time of year always brings a sense of anticipation—of getting back into action after the summer months. As a student, it was all about stepping up to the next grade, new classes, new teachers, new friends and more. As a college football fan, it’s all about a new season, new players and hopes for a bowl game. And, as... read more

High Performance: Hey buddy, do you want to race?

February 14, 2018By

When I was younger, I’d race anyone, anytime, for any reason. I’d race on foot, on the ice, on my bike and in my car. I may or may not have been pulled over by the authorities for racing. If you asked me to race, you should have been ready to hit the gas. I still have a bit of... read more

Leading: Resolutions made and kept

December 28, 2017By

As the days tick down on 2017, this holiday season provides the ideal time to pause and reflect on resolutions made and kept during the past year. That’s a wise next step to take before declaring your 2018 resolutions. I shared thoughts last year at this time regarding the elusive nature of resolutions. The reality of our busy lives presents... read more