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SGS Hawaii joins LandOpt

August 10, 2018By

SGS Hawaii joined LandOpt, becoming the fifth LandOpt contractor in seven months. “I believe LandOpt can help us refine and redefine our systems to assist us as we begin to scale up again,” said owner Sidney Sparkman. “Being in Hawaii offers us limited training opportunities for our key management team. I am hopeful that LandOpt as well as the network... read more

Hydroscapes joins LandOpt network

June 7, 2018By

Hydroscapes, a Phoenixville, Pa.-based company, became the newest LandOpt contractor and the fourth LandOpt contractor in Pennsylvania. “I needed a model and plan that works,” said Hydroscapes Owner Rob Kratz. “As growth happens with staff members, I am looking forward to relinquishing some of my current responsibilities.” Established in 2000 by Kratz and his wife, Kelly, Hydroscapes was born out... read more

LandOpt: Associate Program

May 23, 2018By

Successfully managing a landscaping company requires a combination of talent, knowledge, discipline and leadership. LandOpt provides the perfect mix of strategic solutions to grow your business. In fact, we have it down to a science. Rooted from the traditional offering, the new Associate Program is customized for smaller landscaping companies looking to make big waves in the Green industry. Powered... read more

LandOpt recognizes top performers at annual meeting

March 20, 2018By

LandOpt contractors met for the annual Principals Meeting and Success Celebration Feb. 27-March 1 in Daytona Beach, Fla. This gathering is held each year to recognize the top performers in the LandOpt Network, and to discuss overarching commitments such as growth, continued success, strategic training, education and coaching. Five awards are presented during the event: The Contractor of the Year, Rookie... read more

LandCrafters joins LandOpt network

March 6, 2018By

LandCrafters, a Wisconsin-based landscaping company, became the first LandOpt contractor the state by acquiring exclusive license rights in metropolitan Milwaukee. “We have a highly talented and credentialed staff and offer highly detailed, comprehensive services to well-informed, appreciative clients,” said Scott Ziebol, owner. “At this stage of our growth, professional business systems and processes are what we need most for our team and... read more

The Plant Concierge joins LandOpt network

February 8, 2018By

The Plant Concierge, a landscape company based in Texas, became the newest LandOpt contractor by acquiring exclusive license rights to the Dallas territory. The Plant Concierge started in 2007 as a residential interior plant service. In 2009 it transitioned to a full-service landscape company. Owner Thomas Fancher has more than 20 years of experience in the green industry. He grew... read more