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Ohio landscape business owner could face jail time for violating court order

August 30, 2023By
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Ohio Attorney General says business owner slowed the cleanup of illegally discarded waste and debris. read more

Ohio Attorney General sues landscaping company for polluting waterways

July 11, 2023By

The Ohio Attorney Generals' office claims the owners of Tom’s Mulch and Landscaping of Bellbrook, Ohio, illegally discharged pollutants. read more

Cuyahoga Community College shares the keys to its NCLC win

April 5, 2023By
At the 2023 NCLC Tri-C secured their first-ever first-place victory. (Photo: Philippe Nobile Photography/National Association of Landscape Professionals)

Jim Funai, Ph.D., assistant professor of plant and landscape technology of Tri-C’s program, highlights the importance of competitions such as the National Collegiate Landscaping Competition for his students. read more

How one LCO uses Spraye to maximize route density

December 11, 2022By
Photo: Spraye

Jim Beveridge of Yards Done Right explains the benefits of using Spraye software to schedule his routes and maximize efficiency. read more

An inside look at Davey Tree’s new addition to its Ohio headquarters

November 22, 2022By
An aerial view of the third wing addition to The Davey Tree Expert Co.'s Kent, Ohio, headquarters. (Photo: Davey Tree)

The company gave Landscape Management a behind-the-scenes look at its new 38,000-square-foot expansion which will double the size of its Kent, Ohio, headquarters. read more

Identifying the benefits of taking a natural approach to lawn care

November 20, 2022By
Rob Elder, owner of Omaha (Neb.) Organics sells corn gluten, made of pressed corn, as a natural preemergent herbicide. (Photo: Omaha Organics)

Business owners throughout the country discuss the ins and outs of using biological and organic products in their lawn care operations. read more