May 2016

A closer look at app-controlled landscape lighting

June 8, 2016By
Photo: Unique Lighiting

App-controlled landscape lighting systems allow homeowners to adjust their lighting through a computer, smartphone or tablet. Do your clients want the ability to control their landscape lighting? Because there’s an app for that. App-controlled landscape lighting systems have been on the market for about two years, and some contractors are seeing an increase in clients interested in the ability to operate... read more

Backstory: Rudy Larsen

June 6, 2016By
Photo: Rudy Larsen

Rudy Larsen Owner, Lawn Butler Salt Lake City, Utah Education Woods Cross High School Woods Cross, Utah Class of 2006 Work Experience Staffer Marshall Radio Telemetry Salt Lake City, Utah 2004-2005 President Lawn Butler Salt Lake City, Utah 2006-2010 “I didn’t go to college. A lot of students ask me if they should just drop their college courses and start... read more

What setup do you recommend for irrigation vehicles and why?

June 3, 2016By
Photo: TIS Landscape Services

  John Taylor President and CEO, TIS Landscape Services Houston, Texas “We used to use Ford Rangers for service because they got better gas mileage, but the F-150s have caught up with them in that regard. So we tend to use white F-150s for service and management while using F-250s for crew/installation.”     Patty Sipe Co-owner, Heads Up Sprinkler Co.... read more

SafetyWatch: Safe fuel handling

June 1, 2016By

It’s easy to forget that fuel is a toxic, extremely flammable substance. It can harm us, our environment and equipment, if used improperly. When it comes to equipment-filling techniques: Avoid filling a hot piece of equipment, and never add fuel to a running machine. There is a risk that fuel spilled on the muffler or other hot component could ignite. Start a... read more

The ins and outs of soil moisture sensors

May 27, 2016By
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Irrigation experts discuss the ins and outs of soil moisture sensors. What is a good irrigator trying to accomplish?” asks Brent Mecham. “We all are striving to do the same thing, and that’s use the least amount of water possible while making sure the plants are healthy.” Using soil moisture sensors is one way irrigation professionals can accomplish their goal.... read more

Empowered to grow

May 25, 2016By
Photo: Blades of Green

Focus and a positive company culture drive business at Blades of Green. Brothers Mark Leahy and Brad Leahy, owners of Blades of Green in Edgewater, Md., talk a lot about company culture. It’s their primary focus these days, as they strive to grow their $5.3 million lawn care and pest control company by more than 15 percent per year. Ask... read more