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Build value in your company

January 8, 2018By
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One of the great misunderstandings of owning a landscaping company is that it will have significant value when the business owner decides to sell it. Unfortunately, statistics don’t support that belief. Between 70 and 80 percent of all businesses don’t sell— they’re liquidated. The reason landscaping companies are liquidated so often is because they often carry little or no value... read more

Planning for the next generation

December 18, 2017By

Many landscape industry businesses are expected to undergo a major transition as the baby boomer generation ages and owners seek to sell their businesses, if they are able to do so. However, statistics show that most businesses aren’t sold but liquidated and not according to the preferred timing of the owner. In other words, an unplanned event (disability, divorce, death,... read more

Charting your course

October 17, 2017By

Decide what business choices to pursue based on your passions. Fall is an ideal time for green industry companies to review and update their plans for the future. Which services should you add, grow, shrink or eliminate? Which customer segments should you target or move away from? Which geographic areas should you operate in? Which services should you perform or... read more

High Performance: The value in looking back

December 13, 2016By

As the calendar comes to a close and your team looks forward to a new year, it’s important not to overlook an important step—to look backward. When we take time to look in the rear-view mirror and reflect on what occurred in the past, we are much better equipped to handle what lies ahead. If we fail to look back,... read more

Build a plan

May 10, 2016By

Do you want to have a successful business? Really successful? Do you want to make money? Real money? Do you want to avoid 72-hour weeks? Have time with your family? Have a company that’s worth a lot in the future? Of course you do. Well, it doesn’t happen by accident; it takes planning. You need to have a plan. For... read more

START THE YEAR STRONG! Webinar with Jeffrey Scott

February 18, 2016By

Join us for this inspiring, 90-minute intensive webinar and you will learn the 8 building blocks you must implement to ensure that 2016 is your best ever. This isn’t just theory. You will learn how to execute these critical building blocks and ensure you start the year strong so you keep your momentum throughout the year and achieve your best... read more